Retail Business


he economy is recovering, but American consumers have kept their frugal spirit.  For a great many shoppers, conspicuous consumption is less a point of pride than getting a great price on high-quality items.  Even people who are not extreme coupon shoppers or freegans hate to overpay for things; want to feel that they have used their money wisely and responsibly in buying the items they need and want.


For many consumers, time is an even scarcer commodity than money, and Americans make an increasing number of purchases online.  In 2012, shoppers in the U.S. spent approximately 231 billion dollars on online shopping.  It isn’t just the social media-addicted millennial generation that has taken to online shopping.  Buyers over the age of 50 make more online purchases than any other age group.

Investing in an online store that offers a wide variety of merchandise at affordable prices is a wise choice.  Our company is committed to giving customers the best price on high-quality clothing and home goods.  At our site, shoppers can buy everything from kitchen and bathroom appliances to custom-built closets, from fitness equipment to foosball and air hockey tables, from clothes and shoes to watches, earrings, and handbags, and from storage containers to patio furniture.  We are committed to offering our customers a convenient shopping experience and competitive prices.  We have formed relationships with many suppliers that make it possible for us to their merchandise at wholesale prices.

Investors like you can help us serve our customers even better.  Our goal for the near future is to rent more warehouse space so that we can offer our merchandise to customers at even lower prices.  We are off to a strong start, and your contribution will help our business continue to expand.  We already have a loyal customer base, and we are confident that your investment will pay off.

We welcome all angel investors, and our online retail business is just the beginning.  We also have business experience with a wide range of other industries, from magazines to web design, from sports apparel to energy drinks, and even the luxury clothing industry.  We are coming from a place of experience when we say that our online retail store is set to be a big success.  Our long-term plans for the online store include becoming a franchisor with many franchise locations.  Your contribution to our business will be money well invested.